Directed by

Jouni Hiltunen

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Documentary filmmaker Jouni Hiltunen has filmed Cranes for many years. He decides to once again follow the Crane family’s summer in Finland from early spring to the birth of a Crane chick.

After the nesting he packs his car and leaves on a so-called ”birds road” with migrating Cranes, towards Hungary and finally to Israel, to find out if there is a winter paradise for migrating Cranes somewhere.

The film about the year of the Cranes and the migration journey expands to a story about the coexistence of a man and nature in a rapidly changing world.

Director Biography – Jouni Hiltunen

Jouni Hiltunen is a Finnish documentary filmmaker. He has worked in the film industry since 1990 as a cameraman, editor, director and producer. He has directed more than 30 documentary and nature films, including an award winning documentary ”Blatnoi mir” (2001), a story about the life of three life sentenced prisoners in Pitak island, Vologda, Russia and a full length documentary ”BAM” (2007), a story about constructors and the history of Baikal-Amur railroad in Siberia. Last ten years he has concentrated in nature film making. His full length nature documentary “A Journey to the Sea” (2107), had a theatrical distribution in Finland.