Directed by

Esther Elmholt

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Four scientists and one artist fight to mitigate the mass extinction and to understand how our pursuit of prosperity has caused an ecological collapse.

Director Biography – Esther Elmholt

Esther Elmholt (1991) is a Danish filmmaker. She holds a master’s degree in film and journalism from Copenhagen University and has written, directed, and produced several short films, as well as a worked as a curator for film festivals and programs.

Growing up with two parents who did research in the field of biology and agriculture, she went in another direction and pursued a career in the arts and humanities. However, the last decade’s slow realization of the general state of the planet – the frequent droughts, floods, heatwaves, and mass extinctions – sparked an interest in exploring the potential of storytelling concerning the ongoing ecological crisis.

She now works at Denmark’s leading festival of science and ideas, Bloom, where she, apart from festival planning, is producing films and podcasts for the digital magazine Bloom Explore about science and nature. She finds that modern science is full of enchanting insights about the world, which need to be communicated, not just through academic articles, but also through more engaging stories. After Nature is her first documentary film. It investigates our ideas of nature, the loss of biodiversity, and the result and consequences of the Anthropocene.