Directed by

Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler

Country of Origin




“Alles hat Grenzen, NUR DER MONDFISCH NICHT” is an environmental film musical, in which nature acts and speaks in a diversity of voices. Surfacing evocatively from micro-and macrocosmic layers, she resonates with water as the source of life and resounds as an exploited resource. She echoes from the trenches of an inverted world and speaks out as a human being. Reverberating through ecological-cultural depths, images, sounds and associations push to light, giving shape to a vision of humanity being in tune with nature.

Director Biography – Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler

Sylvia Eckermann has been working in the field of electronic arts since 1989 and has realized interactive installations and media related artworks in various countries.

Gerald Nestler has been working within the fields of economy, media and the arts. He has been exploring and analyzing these fields as guiding paradigms of our time in their relations to social and individual life and as topics for artistic investigation and intervention.