Directed by

Paula Fouce

Country of Origin

United States





In Hawaii, a group of Native Hawaiians and conservationists struggles politically to protect the exotic fish being looted from the reefs. Turtles, whales, and dolphins are all protected, but not the fish.

Director Biography – Paula Fouce

Paula Fouce produced and co-directed with Academy Award nominee William Haugse, the documentary film, Song of the Dunes: Search for the Original Gypsies. It spotlights the Roma people, “gypsies” (PBS Stations). She directed and produced the award winning Not in God’s Name: In Search of Tolerance with the Dalai Lama, (PBS) which screened through the Foundation for Universal Responsibility supported by funding from the Dalai Lama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Paula wrote the book Not in God’s Name, featuring an interview with Mother Teresa.
She produced No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank’s Story, based on recently discovered letters of Otto Frank, Anne Farnk’s father detailing the desperate quest of Anne’s father, Otto to obtain visas to save his family from the Holocaust. No Asylum screened at United Nations headquarters in Geneva.
Paula directed and produced Naked In Ashes, a critically acclaimed feature on the Yogis of India; and directed and produced, Origins of Yoga: Quest for the Spiritual.
Paula was Partner, Vice President and Director of KRCA TV, a TV station in Los Angeles from 1990 -1997. She served as Co-Chair of the Southern Asian Art Council at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.