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Ran Levy-Yamamori

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Whales and dolphins continue to be hunted in different parts of the world. The most well-known and visible of these hunts are the drive hunts that occur annually in Japan and the Faroe Islands. Ran Levy-Yamamori, an Israeli environmental educator and a film maker, arrived in the Faroe Islands to work with the children of the hunters.
Through his work with the children, Ran seeks to understand this beautifully rugged, isolated and unique community Viking descendants.

Director Biography – Ran Levy-Yamamori

Ran Levy-Yamamori is a documentary filmmaker, writer and producer based in Israel. Starting his career as a field biologist in Israel and Japan, Ran became involved in natural history television programs for major Japanese TV broadcasters including NHK, the National Japanese TV. His programs include documenting the unknown lives of desert wolves and wildlife, Nubian Ibex, Barn owls, vultures and others.
Ran is a writer and illustrator of numerous books about nature and environment. Since 2012 he has travelled around the world with one major purpose: to tell the empowering stories of people who dedicate their lives to protecting nature, and to saving wildlife and the environment.
Among his clients: BirdLife International, the Humane Society International, Whales and Dolphins Society, Vulture Conservation Foundation and others.
Ran is also a passionate educator, who shares his experiences through training educators and the younger generation in documenting nature by writing, drawing and filming in Japan, the EU, Africa and The Middle East.