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Nahima Shaffer

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United States




Short Film

Throughout the pandemic, tourism to the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico soared. What was once an already popular destination seemed to only grow in desirability, attracting many tourists from the United States and around the world. However, on the backdrop of sunny beaches and plentiful flora, the impact of mass tourism to cities like Tulum is being felt on the environment in ways less obvious than meets the eye.

Director Biography

Nahima Shaffer is an emerging Ethiopian-American film producer. As a California native who grew up in France and Switzerland, her approach to filmmaking aims to center diverse community voices in covering issues of public health and environmental justice. She is also one of Uproot’s Environmental Justice Fellows associated with Grist. Nahima is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and is currently working as an associate producer on a series in post-production for the Discovery Channel.