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Amir Muratović 

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Aviator Matevž Lenarčič has already circumnavigated the world three times in his ultralight aircraft. With his ‘flying laboratory’, Matevž measures black carbon on remote locations. A reduction in these emissions caused by the incomplete combustion of the biomass could slow global warming.

Director Biography -Amir Muratović 

Amir Muratović 

Amir Muratović (Sarajevo, 1966) studied film and television directing and architecture in Ljubljana. He has been working for TV Slovenia for over 30 years and authored about 80 documentary films in the role of director, scriptwriter and film editor. Among them are feature length films They Were Tito’s Towns, To Fly!, Fabiani Vs. Plečnik and docu-fiction Cankar. Other significant TV films are Maypole, Bread All Year Round, The Second Generation and Đuro. In short documentary animated films he examines ways of perception, as in Two Portraits with the Background, Fleshes from Shooting and in two city symphonies Listen to London and Impression of a Great City.