Directed by

Nikola Vučinić

Country of Origin

United Kingdom




Short Film

A Bosnian immigrant working in an abattoir tries to protect his 8-year-old daughter from the harsh reality of their everyday lives.

Director Biography – Nikola Vučinić

Nikola Vučinić, born in Nikšić, Montenegro (20/12/1991). Graduated from the Faculty of Political Science and Faculty of Dramatic Arts at University of Montenegro. Written and directed seven short fiction and documentary films. Lumpen (2016), Thirst (2016), Traces (2017), Alone (2018), Development (2020), Man who refused to take of his helmet (2020-postproduction), O que vemos (2021-postproduction). Films have been selected to a number of Southern Eastern European film festivals and won several awards (Sarajevo Film Festival, BiH; Kustendorf Film Festival, SRB, Martovski Film Festival, SRB; Zagreb Film Festival, CRO; Drama Film Festival, GRE; FeKK Film Festival, SLO, etc).