Directed by

Rony Efrat

Country of Origin





Short Film

Paris, winter 2017. Three female migrants face the arbitrary cancellation on their 2006 resident permit for “exceptional talents”. Suddenly stripped of any legal possibility of remaining in the territory, they seek equally exceptional solutions to maintain their lives as they are.

Director Biography – Rony Efrat

Having lived on three continents and in four languages, Rony Efrat seeks to identify hybrid formats, underlining the potential for the individual to belong to a group. Since 2018, she has been creating Kafkian legal rituals in order to elucidate their subtle friction with everyday life.

Winner of the Best Short Film Screenplay Award at the Jerusalem International Film Festival (2008), she is a video editor and screenwriter, dialect coach and co-producer for television and film.

In 2015, she co-founded the IGLOƙ Paris, a generator of innovative site specific art, winner of the Medal of the City of Paris and representative of France at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale (2018).