Directed by

Susan Bloom, Caleigh Waldman

Country of Origin

United States





Goodbye to All Cats is about the movement to remove all domestic cats from a unique island ecosystem, New Zealand, to protect endangered endemic species, including many ground nesting birds and the short-tailed bat, which evolved without mammalian predators, and are crucial to the unique biodiversity of New Zealand.

Director Biography – Susan Bloom, Caleigh Waldman

Susan Bloom has had a lifelong interest in animals and the environment. Goodbye to All Cats is the convergence of the two and reflects the complicated relationship that we have with our passions and how we structure our beliefs. She works as an editor in Los Angeles and teaches advanced editing and film production at California State University, Long Beach. Her current projects include documentaries on orchestral percussionists and the unintentional wildlife preserve created by the DMZ In Korea.