Directed by

Richard Douglas Jensen

Country of Origin

United States




Feature Film

An Afghan refugee woman flees the Taliban and comes to Alabama seeking her freedom and autonomy as a woman. A life without hope – a prayer in a new land.

Director Biography – Richard Douglas Jensen

Richard Douglas Jensen is a multi-award winning writer, producer, director whose debut film “No Man’s Law” won over 160 awards at over 60 film festivals, including Bollywood and Cannes’ Silk Road Awards. “No Man’s Law” won 11 Best Picture Awards, 14 Best First Feature Awards, 16 Best Director Awards and 20 Best Debut Director Awards. “No Man’s Law” is distributed by ITN Distribution and is currently streaming on Tubi. He co-produced “Sad Hill Unearthed” in 2017, which was nominated for the Goya (Spanish Oscar) and is currently streaming on Netflix.