Directed by Cristiana Bontemps
Country of Origin -Monaco
Runtime- 24:00

Arctic Encounters is the story of one woman’s quest to escape her daily routine and explore the fascinating world of the polar bears and their Arctic environment.
The film unveils rare images about the way of life of the polar bears in their magnificent wonderland: The Arctic. It takes the viewer on an exceptional trip to the sea ice, Canadian tundra, wild coasts of Alaska, and gorgeous landscapes of Svalbard and Greenland.
Arctic Encounters also strives to highlight the devastating impact of the gradual disappearance of the sea ice on the polar bears, arctic wildlife, and finally on the whole planet.

Director Biography – Cristiana Bontemps

Cristiana Bontemps is a creator of documentaries and short films about nature and underwater environments. Cristiana shares her love of nature, wild animals, and unspoiled landscapes through her movies, and uses her art to raise awareness of the need to protect the natural wonders of the world.
Several of Cristiana’s films have been showcased at festivals, and she has collected an array of awards.
Cristiana discovered the Arctic during a 2014 trip. Captivated by her first sight of the majestic polar bears, she embarked on a personal mission to better understand these remarkable animals and their fragile environment.
Between 2014 and 2019, she participated in more than ten journeys to the Arctic and captured hundreds of hours of rushes, which in itself testifies to the urgency to protect this magnificent world. Her efforts and observations ultimately gave birth to the film “Arctic Encounters.”