Directed by

Davide Marchesi

Country of Origin




Setting out from the approval of the controversial Legislative Decree 113/2018 on immigration and international security approved by the Italian government as proposed by right-wing politician Matteo Salvini, this short film portrays real-life moments, emotions and experiences – some intimate, others part of our shared imaginary – of the long-term integration processes of various Afro-descendant communities in Italy.

Rather than following a specific storyline, the documentary is episodic: it frames everyday life with visual reference to aesthetics and languages that, while ubiquitous in contemporary culture, are often limited to specific mainstream imagery – at least in Italy.

The video is accompanied by multiple audio voiceovers, mixing ambient sound, archive recordings and audio interviews with young people of African origin, sharing their perceptions and experiences of the society they grew up in.

Director Biography – Davide Marchesi

Davide is a self-taught documentary and commercial filmmaker based in Milan, Italy. Soon after earning a BA in International and European Politics from the University of Milan in 2009, he transitioned to a filmmaking career, working between Milan and London.

His documentary work mostly focuses on current socio-political issues. In late 2015, Davide started working on Checkpoint Lesvos, a long-term multimedia documentary reportage project following the development of the 2015 refugee crisis on the island of Lesvos, Greece.

Between 2019 and 2020, Davide wrote and directed 113/2018, a short film blending fiction and documentary elements, exploring the themes of migration and integration within different Afro-descendant communities in Northern Italy.