Directed by

Jacob Updyke

Country of Origin

United States



In the midst of a desolate wasteland, a farmer boy hopes and dreams that he may one day see a real live bird. Amidst the wreckage of climate change and on the heels of mass extinction, little AYEO represents the future of humanity if climate change is not addressed. In the parlance of the Internet, AIO means “All In One”. Spelled a little differently, little AYEO represents the reality of our interconnectedness and our need to behave as one people.

Director Biography – Jacob Updyke

Jacob Updyke was a sophomore at Millburn High School, NJ when he decided to teach himself animation in order to spread awareness around an issue he felt was not getting enough attention: Climate Change. Jacob spent seven months teaching himself, through trial and error, how to animate. His first film, “You Reap What You Sow”, was an official selection at over 20 film festivals and won 10 prestigious awards.

Now a junior, Jacob completed his second film “One Man’s Trash” in April 2019. Always socially conscious, his new movie AYEO was released in February of 2020.