Directed by Effi Weiss, Amir Borenstein
Country of Origin- Belgium
Runtime- 01:15:00

Four young Sudanese sneak into a truck parking along the highway. England is their goal and they’ll do anything to get there. One night among so many others, one more attempt, another CHANCE, as they call it.
All night long, four young men between four walls, replay their quotidian reality in this theatre-like black box.

Director Biography –¬†Effi Weiss, Amir Borenstein

Effi Weiss (b. Israel, 1971) and Amir Borenstein (b. Israel, 1969) are a duo of artists who have been working together since 1999. Visual artists, their work crosses different disciplines such as video, installations and participatory projects. Their works are shown in museums, contemporary art centres and festivals. Apart from their joint projects, they also collaborate with other artists as editors, image takers and visual effects creators. Finally, they lead workshops all over the world with audiences of all origins.
CHANCE is their third feature-length documentary film