Directed by

jeremy griffaud

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 From there and no-where chronicles» is a collection of animated short stories depicting an imaginary outskirt. Roads roundabouts, shopping areas and pastureland embody here a certain idea of «Beyond the outskirts»

Director Biography – jeremy griffaud

Lives and works in Nice.
In 2015, Jérémy Griffaud created the artists’ collective VeryHighStuff
(VHS), a project dedicated to video and scenography.
This project creates international exhibitions every
year. That same year, Griffaud also joined the fanzine Endemic.
In 2017, he graduated from the École Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques
de la ville de Monaco and obtained a National Diploma
of Plastic Expression (Master 2 Art). He also joined the
musician Benjamin Fincher in his project ITOLADISCO to
make live video performances.
In 2018, Griffaud joined the Super Issue collective. Since
then, he has participated in artistic projects related to publishing.
At that time, Griffaud dedicated his time to making
videos and drawing.
He makes art films and draws.
In 2019, he creates videos from his drawings and digital photographic collages that he presents in installations. From these composite images in movement, he revisits contemporary culture broadcast on social networks, television or the music industry.

By questioning the issues of his time, Griffaud parallels, for
example, the preservation of biodiversity and the body-built
staging of oneself as in the projects Enlarge Yourself and Landstrength.
By hijacking clichés anchored in the collective imagination,
Griffaud produces absurd or parodic works that draw on the
contours of his singular universe and a fantasy world.