Directed by Lorenzo Malavolta, Lucia Mauri
Country of Origin – Italy
Runtime- 56:22

The fashion industry has a disastrous impact on the environment and this is a problem that affects all of us. This sector is responsible of 20% of global water waste and 10% of polluting emissions. Also, 85% of our clothes ends up in landfills and only 1% of them really gets recycled.
Not to mention low prices of fast fashion, behind which are hiding unfair wages and the lack of regulations to protect workers.

A revolution is underway in Italy to make the fashion industry more sustainable and this change is under everyone’s eyes. From those who deal with natural fibers and fabrics, to those who have a made-to-order type of production, to those who transform waste into a resource, to those who employ more fragile people up to young Italian craftsmen.

While producers are making a real commitment to make fashion more ethical and sustainable, we must keep in mind that sustainability starts from us consumers. We are the ones who really have the power to change things, step by step, with our money and everyday choices.

Director Biography –┬áLorenzo Malavolta, Lucia Mauri

We are Lucia Mauri and Lorenzo Malavolta, together LUMA video, and we are a duo of documentary filmmakers.

We work side by side to produce videos that tell the authentic stories of people and artisans, through an intimate and delicate approach.

Fascinated by craftsmanship, in 2018 we created “Le mani di Milano” (The hands of Milan) (, a docu-series that promotes the courageous choices of 9 young people who have left their city and their safe work to follow their passion and become artisans in Milan.

At the end of 2019 we organized a crowdfunding campaign for the production of “Intrecci Etici” (, the documentary on ethical and sustainable fashion in Italy. Infinity Tv believed in our idea and decided to co-finance the project within its Infinity Lab.

In 2020, we created the docu-serie “Forza della natura” (Force of nature) ( The project tells the stories of seven small agri-food businesses and how they faced the difficult period due to Covid 19. It gave a voice to whom continued to carry on their business with their heads held high, showing the importance of cultivating our present and our future.