Directed by Manon Kole
Country of Origin- Belgium
Runtime- 15:44

This documentary brings us on a journey to Vietnam, where we will encounter along the way, passionate bird lovers. Their multifaceted stories will unavoidably lead us to question the caging culture of birds around the world and the consequences for our planet’s future. Their narrative may also transport us to an almost philosophical self-reflection about freedom.

Director Biography – Manon Kole

Seeming to emerge from a mix between Sin City and Care Bears, Manon is the perfect combination of wonder at the world and the search for the faults of humanity. An enlightened artist, challenging words and images to bring new visions of the world and new ways of apprehending the living, she takes us to the heart of her reflections and her sensitivity. Manon does not film the world around her from a camera, she films it from within.