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I was born and spent my first 30 years in Altilia, province of Cosenza, in Calabria. A town and a countryside where time passes slowly, full of aromas, lights, colours, images and sounds all etched in my memory; a place that had – and still has, when leaving or just wait- ing – dynamic events pregnant with meaning, its own extremes, stories told that you wait for, you listen to and observe and of which I unexpectedly became a protagonist.
Leaving and waiting are then suddenly no longer ‘something out there’ but they become your life, my life, in a hybrid of here and elsewhere. They go beyond separation and di- chotomy and become a duality of complementarity and interdependence, a flow, an ex- change, a hidden harmony; they become one and the same, turning upside down and shifting your perception of – my perception of – the past, towards a nascent symbolic con- struct with circular roots, a new journey, new fluid and undefined entries into reality.

“Naked” talks about migrants and migration understood as an act of leaving, and there- fore the journey and the staying, that is the waiting of the person left behind. The key here is to bring into the dialogue, into telling the story, the experiences of each and all, those who depart and those who remain, in a oneness of movement that everyone, without ex- ception, lives.
“The journey”. There are thousands of images, often sensationalised by the media into an excessive hyper-visibility which has hollowed out the depth of experiences lived by mi- grants, emptying out that complexity which is required so it can nakedly be approached and understood, while still restoring some human and artistic dignity. A right of opacity that risks losing its essence of minimalism in wanting to be a moving image capable of describ- ing the profound density of the situation.
“Staying” is the novel aspect, of which little is said or represented, but which oxymoroni- cally completes and restores unity and cyclical meaning to everything. There is a part of everyone who leaves that never really leaves at all.
Staying is a different way of travelling, not a weakness, because “the wait” becomes the most extreme form of the journey itself, driven, dynamic and chaotic in itself.

Director Biography – ANTONIO DE ROSE

• 1991/1992 High School Accounting Certificate.
• 1997/1998 Graduation at DAMS (Disciplines of the Arts, of the Music and of the Show- Music course) at University of Calabria. Title of thesis: The popular music in the music education. Critical analyses of experiences and teaching proposals. Supervisor Prof. Giorgio Adamo.
• 2003/2004 Qualified as a teacher for competitive examination category A031 (Music education in secondary schools) and A032 (Music education in junior se- condary schools) at “Lombarda Inter-university School for Secondary Teaching Specialisation ” of the University of Pavia (Faculty of Musicology in Cremona). Title of thesis: Youth culture and music education.
• 2004/2005 “Back up teacher” specialisation, i.e. teacher for students with disa- bilities (Special Educational Needs) at University “Ca’ Foscari” in Venice
• 2017/2018 Specialisation in “New Technologies and Multimedia” at Music Con- servatory “F. Bonporti” in Trento.

1997 – 2015 I attended several training courses both in pedagogy at IPRASE in Trento, music teaching at “Music Studies Center Maurizio Di Benedetto” in Lecco, and at “Musical Experimentation and Teaching Center” in Fiesole. Amongst my professors were: Carlo Delfrati (also Lecturer for SILSIS University of Pavia), Fran- cesco Bellomi (also lecturer for SILSIS University of Pavia), Enrico Strobino, Mario Piatti, Sergio Miceli.

• At 11 years old I played tenor saxophone in the “Altilia towns musical band” (Cosenza) and, later, in other music bands.
• From the end of the 80’s until the first years of the new century, I played drums in several regional bands, including: Entropia (metal progressive); Woos (rock); I Compromessi (rock/reggae), recording a number of tracks and albums.
• In the same period I collaborated, still as a drummer, with other rock bands, such as Pericolo Genetico and Fall Out, performing in various parts of Italy.
• In the early 2000s I contributed to establishing the “Rodari Center for Music” in Cosenza.
• After a ten-year break, I came back to playing drums in 2013. I was a member of “Restless Mind” (rock) and “Rane a Rubiera” (italian pop/rock) up until 2016.
• Since 2013 I have directed my studies and artistic research towards electronic music (Software MAX/MSP Cycling 74) and video-art.

2002 I moved to Milan and had my first experiences as a teacher of music educa- tion in the local junior secondary schools.
2004 I moved to Trento where I continued the teaching experience in music edu- cation at first and in back up teaching later. I was the deputy collaborator of the Headmaster at the school “Istituto Comprensivo” in Cembra (Trento)
2015 I moved to Polignano a Mare (Bari – Italy), where I continue the teaching ex- perience in music education, in drums and in Special Educational Needs.