Directed by

Chantal Kassarjian

Country of Origin

United States



‘Recipe in Exile’ tackles a very personal yet universal story about tradition, family heritage and adaptability. It is a tale that spans a hundred years, juxtaposing the lives of two immigrant women and linking them through a traditional family recipe being passed on from generation to generation. The story is inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis in the context of the Armenian diaspora, highlighting the importance of holding on to our cultural heritage in order to stay connected to our roots.

Director Biography – Chantal Kassarjian

Chantal Kassarjian is a Lebanese motion designer and animator
of Armenian descent, based in New York City. Her cultural
heritage is intricately woven into her design aesthetic and the
polemic subjects she chooses to tackle. She has an M.F.A. in
Digital Animation with distinction from Pratt Institute. Having
explored both the realms of graphic design and animation, her
style is a patchwork of disciplines, techniques, and ideas. Her
work embodies her playful artistic process and conveys her love
for illustration, typography, photomontage, and motion arts. She
does not shy away from taboo topics; addressing issues such
as intercultural marriage in Lebanon, the prosecution of
homosexuals in the Middle East and the plight of immigrants
seeking new beginnings. She wishes to use her skills to create
compelling visual experiences and tell stories that matter.