Directed by

Sophie Austin

Country of Origin

United Kingdom



Rise Up is a series of 5 short stories inspired by environmentalist Jonathon Porritt’s ideas on the future.

Set over 5 years, each story follows a different character as they journey out of the chaos of 2020 and discover their voice, passions and activism.

We see Lahari confronting air pollution in Mumbai, Erin experiencing coastal erosion in Norfolk, Jamal seeking access to better food for himself and his friends, Jay finding their place in local politics and Tyler becoming an ally and amplifier.

Rise Up explores how world events helped to shape their journeys forcing them to take action, be innovative, resilient and responsible.

This film is a hope-filled call to action for anyone who believes we are not inexorably doomed and can imagine a better future.

The film has been created for a target audience of 16-18 year olds whose life choice are being made this year- being asked to choose college, careers, and embrace adulthood at a time when the future could not be more uncertain. Each of the five episodes is intended to show students how the power to make choices is open to them- that they have agency.

Designed to be shared amongst students between the smartboard and the smartphone, for the especial circumstances of a disrupted schooling and environment, ‘Rise Up’ is both a call to arms, and the beginning of a conversation.

Director Biography – Sophie Austin

Sophie Austin is a director, writer and producer based in London.
She is Creative Director at SHH Productions, a female led film production company, Creative Associate at international arts organisation Dash Arts and Writer in Residence at Lesnes Abbey Woods.

Sophie was founder and Artistic Director of Teatro Vivo, a critically acclaimed theatre company and specialises in large scale, site-specific and immersive theatre.

Sophie’s work is currently focused on telling urgent and hope filled stories across a range of mediums in order to bond us to the environment and allow us to embrace our connections to the natural world.