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Karam is a Syrien poet and journalist who is in exile in France. He is living at the Maison des Journalistes, an association that hosts exiled journalists around the world in Paris. One day Karam has a new poem but he can not write it. Because he lost the pen that he uses when he is writing a poem. That pen a gift from his mother who lost her life during the Syrian civil war. Without this pen, Karam doesn’t write any poem. So he starts to search his pen in the Maison des Journalistes to be able to write again.

Director Biography – Beraat GOKKUS

Beraat GOKKUS is a Turkish director and journalist who lives in Paris France since 2016. He studied Political Science at the University of Marmara in Istanbul, Turkey.
Gokkus is an award-winning director. With The Lost Pen, he won SmartFone Flick Fest 2020 Best Director and Best Film Awards. The Lost Pen also won African Smartphone International Film Festival Grand Jury Prize.
With his short documentary Breakfast of Champions (2017/Paris) Gokkus won Best Short Short Film award in Berlin Independent Film Festival 2018 and Best Short Short Film award in Berlin Short Film Festival 2017.
Gokkus’s short films are selected many times by international film festivals. Nowadays he is working on his feature film projects, a documentary and a short film project too.