Directed by Niall Hart
Country of Origin Canada
Runtime- 51:45

“Where do we stand?” explores the impacts of Woodfibre LNG—a proposed natural gas export facility—on the community of Squamish, B.C. This film presents interviews with nine Squamish residents, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, on their experiences with the LNG project. The interviewees discuss the social, environmental, and economic ramifications of the project both now and in the future. “Where do we stand?” is the story of how large industrial projects can be pushed through with limited consultation with the communities affected

Director Biography – Niall Hart

Born in Canada and raised between rural BC and the Peruvian Andes, Niall Hart has lived many different stories. In 2020, he graduated from Quest University where he focused on film, Indigenous studies, and storytelling. As an artist and a storyteller, Niall seeks to elevate voices. In his debut film, “Where do we stand?”, he takes a collaborative approach to filmmaking and works with interviewees to ensure their stories are told. Niall continues to live and work in Squamish, BC where he can be found enjoying the outdoors and pursuing his artistic outlets—primarily film and photography.