Directed by

Sara Reginella

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In the near future, ultra-nationalist parties rose to power in many countries. Giulia and Laura led their monotonous lives in a suburban city of the future, where nothing interesting happens.
The monotony of their powerless lives is interrupted by self-destructive challenges acted against themselves and posted on the web.
One day, the young girls decide to participate in a summer camp, organized by the new political party in power. From that moment, an unknown world, characterized by ideology and extremism, overwhelms their lives in a dramatic, unexpected and unpredictable way.
Laura and Giulia then begin to act against foreigners, the same violence, which they used to act on themselves
“Radical Camp” is an independent short-film written, directed and edited by Sara Reginella.
It is a psychological and introspective story, where the psychic disorder of the protagonist is represented by a wavy, irregular hand-held camera movements and by an “imperfect” shooting style.
Radical Camp is set in a next and hypothetical future world, very close to the painful present in which a lot of adolescents live today.
It shows how xenophobia and ideological extremism can be reflected with unforeseen and negative consequences in the life and in the vulnerable minds of two adolescents.

Director Biography – Sara Reginella

Sara Reginella was born in Ancona (Italy) on 15th of March 1980. She works as a clinical, juridical psychologist and freelance psychotherapist. She is currently a lecturer in institutes of formation, forensic consultant and psychologist in schools.
In 2016 she graduated in Direction and Screenplay at the National Academy of Cinema in Bologna; in parallel with the activity of psychologist, she independently developed a course of study in cinematographic branch with specializations in video-production, video-shooting and video-editing.
She personally has gone to war territories, and since 2015 she has been active in the documentary field. Her works integrate the interest in psychological dynamics with the attention to the current events, never forgetting the living conditions of suffering and socially deprived people

-Start Up a War. Psiychology of a conflict (January 2018, direction, screenplay, video-shooting and video-editing), documentary feature

-Donbass Seasons (January 2016, direction), documentary feature

-Voices (Aprile 2015, direction, video-shooting), documentary short

-I’m Italian (February 2015, direction and screenplay), short-video

-Everyone has a mon (January 2009, plot and screenplay)

The documentary “Donbass seasons” with Nicolai Lilin, Eliseo Bertolasi and Vauro Senesi, freely distributed online, recorded in Russian Federation’s web-TV hundreds of thousands of views. Her latest documentary, “Start Up a War. Psychology of a conflict” has obtained official selections and victories at international festivals around the World.