Directed by

Yusuke Yasuda

Country of Origin




This movie closely looks at his daily life. Throughout the day of Kamikadzė, we explore his life. Then, it turns out that there is a simple but warm and friendly interaction with the local people with him. As an immigrant into the Lithuanian society, how does he spend his second life there? Moreover, in his dream of life “Burial in Lithuania”, what is the meaning to him after going through those harsh life experiences in Japan? Why does he want to end his life in Lithuania instead of his home country, Japan? What is there in Lithuania not in Japan? The film dives into his “happiness” found in the destination country.

Director Biography – Yusuke Yasuda

I’m very honoured to submit my first film as an independent director in my whole life to your festivals.

April. 2018 – March. 2020
Asia Documentary Center, Inc, full-time job, Assistant Director in TV programs production
TV Programs involved:
– “NHK Special” with a drama “PARALLEL TOKYO” broadcasted from December 1 to December 5 in 2019
– NHK BS1 documentary series of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay broadcasted from 2018 to 2019
– NHK WORLD JAPAN “Where We Call Home” broadcasted from March 2020.