Directed by

Karla Santa Anna

Country of Origin

United States



In a world where a huge garbage island floats across our seas, fruit has very suspicious ancestry, and immigrant children are literally
abandoned in the middle of nowhere, if one day the ocean rains upward…we would totally believe it. That’s how the world feels: very upside down. The line between fiction and reality has become very thin and we all have started to normalize it. Do we need immigration regulation? Of course. Do we need environment programs? Definitely. But first, doesn’t it sound like we desperately need to remember the light that lives within ourselves? We can make large donations to social or environmental causes, but only when we connect through the light in our hearts with people or nature, are we able to help for a life time. Connecting with light and expanding it unconditionally to others must be our greatest mission for this world.

Director Biography – Karla Santa Anna

Karla Santa Anna, ( aka Cra, Crayola or Crayolus) is a multidisciplinary creative director that was born and raised in Mexico City. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications and 20 years of experience in the Advertising Industry. Since 2017, Crayo has been based in Los Angeles, CA and has worked as a freelancer, having way more time in between to dedicate to art and non-profit projects. Crayo is also an illustrator and music experimentalist. Spirituality, meditation, mental health, poetry, nature, cosmos, music, darkness & light are her favorite themes. She discovered AI art last year and was very open to learn how to apply her creative skills through this new platform. Then she experimented combining dystopian poetry and AI in one single piece, uplifting it with a very emotional song by the well known artist MOBY (courtesy of so thank you!).
The result is called: LIGHT.
A 5 mins journey that aims for hope inside people’s hearts.