Directed by

Maria Pinn Young Chan

Country of Origin

Hong Kong





What are the colours of the portrait of our world today? Scattered in the seashore are abandoned items of myriad colours, but they look dull and noisy.

Director Biography – Maria Pinn Young Chan

Experimental indie film-maker, visual, performance and installation artist, focusing on visual and dance poetry and the poetics of movement in time and space and moving bodies.

<Voyage of the Phoenix-Stone inside a Cage> is the first poetry film made by the director. This poetry film has been officially selected for FESTIVAL ANGAELICA and Make Art not Fear festivals.

She has worked on collaborative exhibition/ performance installation on the theme of Ecology as part of Zurich-HK Transcultural Collaboration (2017), including performances and mixed media video and performative installation exhibition in Hong Kong: Mirror of Emptiness (X** Gallery) and Floating Identities (Connecting Space) and Kowloon Park – You are What you Eat (Kaitak Campus, AVA). She is currently preparing her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, focusing on her poetry and movement films.

Her BA in Archaeology and Anthropology (First Class) with the University of Oxford has a focus on visual anthropology and the anthropology of art, movement, migration, identity and representation.