Directed by

Francisco José Vaquero Robustillo

Country of Origin






Livestock are not the enemy. They are the key.
The fight to reverse climate change is putting animals in the spotlight.
The purpose of this documentary is to show the use of livestock for the regeneration of grasslands, soils, woodland and water. Good livestock management is shown in a real way as a solution for the restoration of ecosystems and rural economies.

Director Biography – Francisco José Vaquero Robustillo

After studying Technical Engineering in Telecommunications.
Francisco decides to study Audiovisuals at the University of Salamanca in 2009. In February 2010 he did an internship as an electrician on the shooting of the film “Iceberg” by Grabiel Velázquez where he acquired great knowledge of filmmaking in the photography and directing teams due to his close relationship with the directors. In November of that same year he worked again as an electrician in Isabel de Ocampo’s debut film “Evelyn” even without having finished his studies in Audiovisual Communication. In 2011, after finishing his studies in Salamanca he directs several short films and some commercials and in August 2013 he founded his production company Metáfora Visual. After 6 years producing, directing and editing a large number of commercials, in June 2019 he embarks on the script, production and direction of his first documentary film “Ganado o Desierto”, finishing the editing and post-production process in March 2022.