Directed by

Pedro Cruz, João Doce

Country of Origin






There are very tough stories that never reach most people.
The documentary “My heart is there, my body is here”,
about the past, present and future of people with
refugee status, seeks to amplify their voice.

Director Biography – Pedro Cruz, João Doce

Pedro Cruz was born in 1983 in Portugal. Won best short film at Luso-brasileiro de Sta Maria da Feira, 2018 with “Farewell to the River” and a best documentary honorable mention at Caminhos do Cinema Português, 2017. Won the Avanca competition, at Avanca Film Festival and the Most Wonderful Film at International Portrait Film Festival – Bulgaria, with “Talia”, 2021. Both co-directed by David Gomes.
João Doce was born in 1974. He is a musician in Club Makumba and former Wraygunn, among others. He’s also a social worker and founder of the Propella cooperative. He co-directed “My heart is there, my body is here”