Directed by

Alex Mello

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Short Film

Outside the Aquarium” is the new exhibition of protagonist Jonas. In his paintings he portrays his experiences as a black immigrant and part of the LGBT Community expressing his fears, loneliness and dreams for the future.

Director Biography – Alex Mello

Alex Mello is an actor, filmmaker and theater educator. He studied acting in Rio de Janeiro, where he spent his childhood and youth. He has lived in Germany for eleven years. In addition to his acting activities, Alex Mello works as a theater teacher with children and young people with a migration background. As a director and screenwriter, he has produced several short films, including Jean, The Kolibri – Man and On the Tracks. His main topics are gender, racism and migration. He is an employee of the production company Cinema Negro, which makes films by black directors, and organizes the Cologne edition of the CineBrasil film festival.