Directed by

John Swatland

Country of Origin






Scattered People is an Australian documentary revealing the transformational and healing power of music – bringing together people, cultures and countries.
Saha and Mas, two young Iranian musicians flee their homeland and seek asylum in Australia. In immigration detention they encounter the Scattered People band – a small group of kindred spirits who play music and create songs with refugees and people seeking asylum.

Director Biography – John Swatland

John is the founder and director of Being Reel Films with his wife Lizzi. Their vision is to produce real life stories of humanity to counterbalance an increasingly commercialised and impersonalised world. Having travelled extensively, John and Lizzi hope to produce high quality programs about important human and global issues. John’s previous experience had been filming, editing and producing live presentations and interview-based projects initially for special interest groups and then for his chiropractic practice and finally for professional business associates.

With more than 30 years experience in the chiropractic health sector, he believes that by collaborating with highly experienced and like-minded creative people and using film and media tools available today, then a high quality documentary is well within reach.