Directed by

Thomas Kriechhammer

Country of Origin





Docu- Drama

“Sould” is the story of a young Nigerian who embarks on her journey to Europe with the hope of a better life. But gradually the brutal reality of modern human trafficking catches up with her. Arriving in Italy, she is one of many who are enslaved as prostitutes. Is there a way that leads these women into a free life?

Director Biography –┬áThomas Kriechhammer

Thomas Kriechhammer is an Austrian director. After working as a motorcycle mechanic and traveling the world he fulfilled his vision of being a director. He collected experiences as a writer, director, art director, production designer and producer in several student and short films, music videos and festival productions. Thomas made his directing debut with a 40min fiction/ documentary film called SOULD, discussing the exploitation and modern sex slavery of west African women in Italy. While finishing his bachelor degree and starting his masters, he wrote several short film screenplays and serial concepts. He focused early in his career on international exposure and so he and his team shot his lates work in March 2022 in London. A 20 minutes short fiction discussing the topics of toxic masculinity and domestic violence in a dramatic family setting. The vision of Thomas is to create his own unique movies which are not only made for entertainment reasons. His work always represents and discusses real world problems in order to use the art of moving images and sound to create immersive films and to attract attention and trigger discussions.