Directed by

Claire Rosslyn Wilson, Ross McLennan

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In the era of human-provoked climate crisis, the videopoem ‘Suspended Particles’ explores the potential of fluid states of the things around us as a way to challenge a human-centric perception of the world. Working translocally, a collaboration between videopoet Claire Rosslyn Wilson and sound artist Ross McLennan, the project asks, how might we co-habit with the non-human elements in our city? Using videpoetry techniques—such as layering, subtext, and juxtaposition—to explore the particles in the air we breathe, the videopoem is intended to emphasise the interconnected exchanges in natural processes that cross city borders and impact residents across national lines.

Director Biography – Claire Rosslyn Wilson, Ross McLennan

Claire Rosslyn Wilson is a poet, researcher and freelance cultural writer based in Barcelona. Her creative and critical practice seeks to broaden perspectives through creativity, and she explores the ways in which art can be a catalyst for change. Her poetry has been published in numerous journals and in 2014 she was a writer-in-residence at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. She has appeared at various writers’ festivals and her videopoems have been exhibited in Australia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden and the USA.

Dr Ross DJ McLennan is an Australian composer, sound designer, researcher, educator, filmmaker, game designer, songwriter and musician. Professional practice includes sound design, music production, filmmaking, poetry, song and lyric writing, music performance, electronic music, an opera, a symphony and media work for film, television, games, theatre and the concert stage. Publications include research on the nature of creativity, music and emotion, poetic form, film music, game sound and transformational learning within digital design and the creative industries. Ross was educated at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, the University of Queensland and the University of Cambridge.