Country of Origin – South Africa
Runtime- 15:00

In the wake of recurring, violent anti-immigrant marches, Leather Craftsman Kwesi Joseph Acheampong ventures on foot, for the first time, into the soul of a city he has lived overly cautious in for the past 7 years. An intimate glimpse into his proverbial ‘stride of pride’ has Kwesi confront his apprehensions to discover a melting pot of migrants steadfastly plying their trade within this vibrant anomaly of a city founded on a diverse migrant history. We engage in Kwesi’s caravan-esque walk through three city districts that spark nostalgia of Ghana, his place of birth, Ivory Coast, where he leant his craft and his rejection at a German Airport, when he had fled Ivory Coast’s Civil War. Kwesi celebrates the fruits of an arduous migrant journey that leads to his unlikely business and personal success in South Africa while reflecting on a more inclusive, tolerant world where humankind ceases the defamation, commodification, oppression, ostracism and animosity toward fellow human migrants.