Directed by

Rhonda Chan Soo

Country of Origin

Trinidad and Tobago





The Challengers”, a competitive underdog volleyball club, nurtures community for Venezuelan refugees and asylum-seekers in Trinidad and Tobago

Director Biography – Rhonda Chan Soo

Rhonda Chan Soo is a Trinidadian documentary filmmaker. Her work is informed by empathy, a desire for justice and equality, and a critical practice that acknowledges her own positionality as a POC woman from the Global South, and who resides there. In her work, Rhonda is interested in exploring social issues, environment and culture and aims to explore our diverse and multifaceted identity – who we are as Trinbagonian and Caribbean people, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going – highlighting the ingenuity of our people to confront our issues head-on, to remember and celebrate our triumphs, and to work together for a more just and inclusive community in which the voices of the underrepresented, the marginalized and the vulnerable are empowered and heard alongside those that have been historically more advantaged. For more information on Rhonda’s work, visit: