Directed by

Komla Roger GBEKOU

Country of Origin



Feature Film

Mawugno after several attempts to earn an honest living but in vain finds an ingenious plan to start his own company. With the help of some European friends, they start a recruitment company for young people who are ready to work in European plantations . The announcements are passed in loops on all the media. More than 2,000 people are registered, each depositing 200,000 koris for visa and travel ticket costs. But when these young people discovered that Mawugno had no intention of sending them to Europe, and moreover he had used their money to open his own agricultural company; they are going to prepare a terrible revenge against him. But in reality they ignore that Mawugno had a far bigger vision for all the youth of his country.

Director Biography – Komla Roger GBEKOU

Born on December 8 in Lome, Togo, Roger Komla Gbekou is a film director, specialist in audio and video production, graphic designer and professional photographer. he is the director of the audiovisual production company AVISK World Studio

Roger GBEKOU is an autodidact of cinema, with an eye for detail and a heart for touching stories. Trained between 2010 and 2012 in film production at the School of Cinema and Audiovisual Production and New Technology in Lomé, Togo, Roger Gbekou has spent the last few years training himself and becoming more professional in the field of audiovisual production. lately he has notably produced reports for renowned institutions such as the National Basketball Association (NBA) Africa or the GIZ, the German cooperation and also at The United Nations Population Fund I’UNFPA (all Three of 2019/2021). roger Gbekou is strongly committed to his local context, his neighborhood, the cultural environment in Togo. He has trained and mentored hundreds of young actors in recent years. In APRIL 2019, Roger made 10 African Talents that CFI selected for
the writing of a TV seriesroger to 4 short films. With these films, he received several National and International Trophies. With his eye for detail and his perfectionism, Roger GBEKOU pushes Togolese cinema towards excellence