Directed by

John KixMiller, Tamara Kachelmeier

Country of Origin

United States





The Protectors of the Wood Adventure Series is an illustrated story of a group of teenagers who save the world from climate change.

Director Biography – John KixMiller, Tamara Kachelmeier

Tamara Kachelmeier is an Audio Engineer/Director residing in Brooklyn, NY. She began working with author John KixMiller in 2015 and began editing and assisting with the recording of the Protectors of the Wood albums and books. In the summer of 2018 the idea of creating a web-series came into our minds and we’ve been editing and adapting the book series ever since.

Tamara’s favorite quote “Imagination rules the world” -Anonymous Fortune Cookie

John KixMiller is the author of the Protectors of the Wood Adventure Novel Series, a six volume saga about a group of misfit teenagers destined to wave the world from climate change. Books 1,2 & 3, Phoebe Comes Home, Phoebe Breaks Through, and The Ghost Girl have been completed so far. He is at work on Book 4, Abby & Wendy, and performs regularly as a part of the Protectors of The Wood Band, a musical group that presents songs and readings from the novel series.

John KixMiller worked for thirty years for the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, serving in a variety of positions at the Beacon Program at PS 503/506, including Beacon Director and Neighborhood Center Director. Over the past five years he developed a gardening program for children as a part of the after school program. He is a graduate of Princeton University, the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and Farm School NYC. He is the author of A Schoolyard in Brooklyn (The New School, Institure for Urban Affairs), and coauthor with Helene Onserud of “A Community Center Model for Current Urban Needs” (included in Group Work Practice in a Troubled Society).

A songwriter, acoustic guitarist, harmonica and woodwind player, John lends his instrumental skills and voice narrative to The Protectors of The Wood Bands’, SPOKEN WORD…UNPLUGGED!

He is married, the father of two children, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

John’s favorite quote is, “Remember The Kids.” -Babe Ruth