Directed by

Daniel Gartzke

Country of Origin

United States




Feature Film

If there is water, there is life.

What are we doing to create a more sustainable future for our water? What are we doing to innovate solutions to the world’ s water problems? The answer lies in technology, people, and education. Water We Doing? address exactly how we can use science, engineering and innovation to tackle a global water crisis.

Director Biography – Daniel Gartzke

Daniel Gartzke is an alumni of University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh’s Radio/Tv/Film Department and an internationally, award winning Director. Dan is the winner of Best Documentary and Best Director awards in London, Paris, and Los Angeles for his debut documentary, Light in The Darkness in 2019. More than 70 laurels have been received for the 5 feature documentaries
Daniel has directed for Conscious Content. He also brings expertise and vision to the important issue of clean water technology and a previous documentary he produced called Fox 2 0 in 2017.