Directed by Dmitry Bulba
Country of Origin – Russian Federation
Runtime- 40:00

The Nigerian Blessing came to Moscow at the time of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But instead of the work she was promised, she was forced into a bordello. She worked as a prostitute for 4 months. After being freed, she has been living with six friends in a one-room apartment and wants to remain in Russia, find a job and build her life as she sees fit.

Director Biography – Dmitry Bulba

Born in Moscow in 1982. Graduated from the Faculty of Public Administration at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Worked as a translator, Moscow tour guide, radio presenter, bass guitarist. In 2015 graduated from the Screenwriting Faculty of VGIK (All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography) (Yuri Arabov’s workshop). In 2016 directed his debut documentary, The Mologa Syndrome. In 2019 graduated from the School of Documentary Film and Theater of M.Razbezhkina.