Directed by

Roy Fochtman, Moritz Böll, Maximilian Blaß

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In a nationwide campaign by Students for Future in 2020, around 60 motivated people cycled from Cologne to the capital of Germany, Berlin. Their name: “Without Kerosene To Berlin” (Ohne Kerosin nach Berlin or OKNB). The film emerged from the movement and accompanies the activists up close in a 14-day-long demonstration. With the protest action, the OKNB movement wants to call for more mobilization for a more climate-friendly world!

Director Biography – Roy Fochtman, Moritz Böll, Maximilian Blaß

Roy Fochtman (Cinematographer, Editor, VTR) was born in 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2010 he moved to Germany and studied Media Informatics at the TH Köln. After his Bachelor degree in 2015, he started working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. In 2016 he started teaching photography and was also the founder of “2BadMen”, a small production company based in Cologne. Today he works on commercials, TV and series shoots as a Video Assist Operator (Qtake) and makes his own films with his film collegues. Since 2019 he teaches cinematography and editing at the Jugendfilmcamp Arendsee.

Moritz Böll is born and still living in Cologne. He is a climate activist and fights for justice.
After successfully graduating high school he studied economics and reached a Bachelor of Science degree. At the moment he is studying politics and will graduate with a second bachelor degree in 2022. As he is highly interested in politics and social engagement, he is volunteering in a refugee project as well as being part of the Fridays for Future movement.
In 2020 and 2021 he was one of the main organizer of the two week climate action protest “Ohne Kerosin Nach Berlin”, which aimed to increase the publicity of the climate crisis and, in turn, fought for a political change. Moreover, in 2020 the protest was fully documented by an hour long movie produced by Moritz Böll, Roy Fochtman and Maximilian Blaß.
Moritz Böll works for a politician and he is the press speaker of Students for Future Germany since March 2021.

Maximilian Blaß has been living in Cologne and the surrounding area for over 7 years now. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production in 2018. During his studies he started working as a sound engineer, boom operator and media producer. Since 2017 he has been working independently as a freelancing sound engineer for film and television (including ZDF Neo Magazin Royal, Karolin Kebekus Show, several Independent Movies). He conceived and created group and media projects. Later on he produced documentaries (OKNB, Listen to Me), radio plays with creative research approaches (sound scapes in 3D audio), as well as music videos (including Kent Coda). To strengthen the Community he has been developing the foundations of a media collective for Cologne plus surroundings for the last two 2 years believing values for the media industry and its participants are more important than ever!